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Woman watching holiday movies at home

Holiday Guide to Dental Care

Check out the holiday guide to total health dental care this holiday season and get a few tips and tricks from our friendly family dentists!

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Dental model of jaw.

What is an Orthopedist

Discover the capabilities of orthopedists, from aligning teeth to improving your skeletal structure and jaw to alleviate discomfort.

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Tooth model cross section with dental tools on black wooden tabl

What is an Endodontist

Read this article to discover what an endodontist is and how they are different from a dentist, including education, professional areas of focus, and when you need to see an endodontist.

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The dentist is holding dentures in his hands. Dental prosthesis in the hands of the doctor close-up

Everything You Need to Know About Dentures

Learn more about affordable dentures, partial dentures, snap on dentures, denture glue and adhesives, and caring for your dentures.

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happy elderly man healthy senior confident smile with beautiful white teeth from denture prosthetics

Implants and Implant Supported Dentures

Talk to your dentist about dental implants and implant-supported dentures to replace missing or broken teeth in your mouth, and read more about the process right here.

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Sad man getting bad tooth

Abscess Tooth: Symptoms and Treatment

Discover some signs that show you may have an abscessed tooth and the options you have to remedy the pain, swelling, and other symptoms of this dental issue.

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portrait of 12 year old girl

12-year Molars

Find out what to expect with 12-year or second molars coming in around age 12 if you or your child are getting new teeth or experiencing pain in the back of your mouth.

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Dental health concept during a pregnancy

Why Oral Health is Important During Pregnancy?

Discover what causes cavities so you can be better informed on what to avoid and how to prevent future cavities from forming and causing discomfort and costly restoration.

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Single portrait of smiling confident male student teenager looking at camera in library

Wisdom Teeth: What to Expect Before & After Removal

Learn what wisdom teeth are, how to tell if they are coming in, and what to do if they cause pain, discomfort in your mouth or teeth damage.

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Young Indian man showing his inflamed gums

How to Prevent Receding Gums?

Learn more about receding gums from what causes them to recede to how to stop your gums from receding and prevent any further damage.

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Question mark made of toothpaste and tube on gray background, closeup

What is Transient Lingual Papillitis and How is it Treated?

Learn more about Transient Lingual Papillitis, a fairly common condition also known as lie bumps, including causes and treatment.

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Smiling brunette woman with long hair in white cardigan working on laptop in bright modern office

How to Fix Your Overbite

Learn how to fix your overbite, the difference between an overbite vs. underbite, and what methods may correct your overbite.

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Dentist in gloves demonstrating model of human teeth


Learn what it means to have a Malocclusion and the various types and classification of malocclusion you may be dealing with.

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Female Patient Opening Mouth

Oral Thrush

Discover everything you need to know about oral thrush, from what it actually is, to how to treat or prevent oral thrush from happening in the first place.

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Enjoying healthy eating. Senior woman holding apple and smiling while sitting at the chair

Foods that are good for your teeth

Learn more about all the foods that are good for your teeth. We often consider diets that are healthy for the rest of our body, so why not consider the health of your teeth as well?

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We’re so pleased to be listed among Smart Dental Network’s Trusted Locations! We’ve had a ton of new patients find us through the network. It’s been great so far!

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