Pre-Op Instructions for Oral Surgery in Cranston, RI

Preoperative Instructions for Oral Surgery with Sedation

Before you arrive for your procedure at our Cranston RI Oral Surgery Center with your oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Judson Dacher-Shapiro, please comply with these General Anesthesia/IV Sedation Guidelines. If you have any questions about these instructions, please contact our office at (401) 296-3797.

Food & Drink: Please do not eat or drink anything within eight hours of your appointment. If your procedure is scheduled for local anesthesia (e.g., novocaine), you do not need a designated driver to accompany you and you do not need to fast prior to your procedure.

Transportation: You must have a designated driver accompany you to drive you home from your procedure, as general anesthesia/sedation can leave you groggy for several hours after your oral surgery.

Oral Care: Brush and floss before you arrive at our Cranston Oral Surgery office, to minimize the risk of infection following your procedure.

Attire: Dress in comfortable clothing and footwear. Any accessories, jewelry, and contact lenses will need to be removed prior to the procedure, so if possible, please leave these items at home. Additionally, please avoid wearing makeup or dark nail polish because these can affect the observation of your vitals.

Insurance & Payment: Bring all necessary documents for payment such as your insurance card, credit card, etc. We also have additional, flexible payment financing options available for patients. If you’re interested in more information regarding payment options for your oral surgery procedure, please contact our Cranston Oral Surgery of Rhode Island team


Pre-Op Reminders for Your Oral Surgery with Sedation

No food or drink for 8 hours prior to your procedure appointment

Ensure a responsible designated driver is available to drive home

Brush and floss prior to surgery to minimize your infection risk

Dress in comfortable clothes and leave any jewelry at home