Flossing is a Must for Good Oral Health

Series of Asian woman flossing teeth with oral floss

Did you know… the American Dental Association recommends cleaning between your teeth daily to help prevent cavities and gum disease. Cleaning between your teeth helps remove plaque – bacteria that feeds on leftover food or sugar in your mouth and cause cavities.

Flossing Is A Must For Good Oral Health

There are a lot more reasons for using dental floss than for a simple one-off event, such as when a piece of popcorn gets stuck between your teeth. In fact, people have been using dental floss to clean the areas between their teeth and above their gum lines where a brush can’t reach since the early 19th century. 

Flossing can Help Prevent Diseases

Periodontal diseases can arise due to a number of possibilities that include age, family history and other general conditions. A buildup of plaque bacteria under the gum line can lead to gingivitis, which is a minor periodontal disease. But if the gingivitis isn’t treated and cured, that minor periodontal issue can lead to a major issue, such as tooth loss. 

When Should I Floss?

Properly using dental floss, in combination with regular brushing and best done prior to brushing, gets rid of plaque bacteria and debris that are lodged between teeth in places that your toothbrush just cannot reach. People who care about their teeth must include flossing as a part of their daily oral hygiene habits.

Check out 5 Steps to a Flawless Floss from the American Dental Association and this video below: