TMJ Treatment

If you experience clicking, locking, and cracking of your jaw, or have trouble opening your mouth, you likely have TMJ issues and need TMJ treatment for pain relief.

Treating the joint and muscles involved in TMJ can be as simple as adding a simple appliance, or might involve surgery. The correct course of treatment all depends on the precise cause of symptoms. TMJ disorders can get worse with time, so it is essential to tackle this problem as soon as possible.

The first step in diagnosing TMJ is understanding the cause. Sometimes it can be a problem with the joint itself, while other times it can be a result of tension in the facial muscles. There are many different ways to treat your symptoms depending on the cause. These treatment options range from muscle relaxers and physical therapy to surgical intervention.  Regardless, the first step is coming in for a consultation to diagnose the underlying cause of your jaw pain and joint dysfunction.

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