Teeth Bleaching

Smile with confidence with our teeth bleaching options available both in our office and at home.

Your smile is powerful. It can brighten up a room and also make someones day better. So maintaining your smile and your overall health is key for our staff.

What better way to improve upon your smile than by using simple and effective teeth bleaching and whitening procedure and products offered by our skilled practice.

What are my teeth bleaching and teeth whitening options? 

Phillips Zoom

This effective yet gentle procedure is administered in our office. Utilizing blue LED light-accelerated technology and gel, this process rapidly whitens and also provides enamel protection improving luster and reducing sensitivity too. This process can whiten your smile up to 8 shades in about 45 minutes. With custom plans available, we can get the results you are looking for.

Opalescence Go

This dentist-only dispensed product uses pre-filled trays with professional-strength ingredients to deliver results that are 5 times the strength of store-bought products. The trays comfortably conform to any smile right out of the box for fast, effective teeth whitening.

Bleaching Pens

We also have cost-effective bleaching pens for purchase at our office. These pens are easy to use. Simply paint the product on your teeth and see a brighter smile after just one use.

Ready to Whiten Your Teeth?

Reach out to our office to discuss your teeth whitening and bleaching options. From in office to at home, we have you covered and are ready to deliver confidence for your smile.


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