The Florida Probe System

The Florida Probe System offers many advantages to patients including improved accuracy, automatic charting, and complete care.

The Florida Probe is a computerized probe that measures the pocket depth around your teeth to determine the extent, if any, of gum disease. It measures to the tenth of a millimeter and keeps historical data to monitor disease progression.

It is important that we probe the pocket depth between your teeth and gums during each of your office visits. This allows us to see the progression or development of periodontal disease. Early detection allows us to treat your gum disease before permanent, irreversible damage is done.

The Florida Probe System offers many advantages to you as a patient, including:

1. Improved accuracy: The systems probe ensures pocket depth measurements are far more accurate than those done by hand. With 0.2mm precision, we can more accurately determine the correct diagnosis and any necessary follow-up.

2. Automatic charting: the Florida Probe automatically generates your chair side probing report so you can more easily see the se effects of periodontal disease. Now, we can go through your results with you in a more easy to visualize way.

3. Complete care: The Florida Probe can be used in a variety of ways during each exam, making it a customizable tool for examining different types of gum disease. This allows us better understanding of your unique health needs and helps to develop a more tailored treatment plan for each patient.

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